Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage Power Supply is unpredictable in most parts of India. Sudden voltage fluctuations beyond the ideal range can cause damage to your Air Conditioner. Skyline's Air Conditioner series will provide your Air Conditioner, an optimum output voltage along with many more special features. Skyline has the widest range of Air Conditioner Stabilizers ranging from as low as 80V input to 170V input providing a stabilised output to your Air Conditioner.

A Voltage Stabilizer is an electrical device which is used to provide a constant voltage output to a load at its output terminals irrespective of any change/ fluctuation in the input i.e. incoming supply.

The basic purpose of a Voltage Stabilizer is to protect the electrical/ electronic gadgets (for example – Air conditioning Unit, Refrigerator, TV, etc.) from the probable damage due to Voltage Surge/ fluctuations, Over Voltage and Under Voltage conditions.

Voltage Stabilizer is also known as AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator). The use of Voltage Stabilizer is not only limited to house/ office equipment which are being fed power supply from outside. Even the ships, who have their own internal power supply arrangement in form of Diesel Alternators, are heavily dependent on these AVRs for safety of their equipment.


  • Latest Microprocessor Based Circuit
  • High & Low Cutoff Feature
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Widest & Genuine Working Range
  • Inbuilt Time Delay Relay (TDR)
  • Warranty - 3 Years