Toroidal Transformer

Toroidal Transformer offers many advantages over a conventional Laminated Transformer. Toroidal has a round shape with no air gaps, and with the primary and secondary windings uniformly distributed around the core, “locks in" the magnetic field and makes the Toroidal Transformer very quiet and efficient. Toroidal Transformers, by meeting today's requirements for smaller, more efficient, quieter, and safer products, are being accepted in an increasing range of electronic and electrical equipment. With Toroidal Transformer’s smaller dimensions, lighter weight, and low stray magnetic fields, you can build more compact, lower cost quality products without sacrificing performance.


  • A toroidal transformer has ring type core made from cold rolled grain oriented ( CRGO ) Silicon steel strip without any joints and annealed for stress relief after being wound. These wound cores are then suitably insulated by class B insulation and the winding of copper wire is usually done by winding machines.
  • The core being continuous, without any air gap and the path of flux being along the direction of grain orientation, gives an opportunity for optimum use of flux density, besides very low iron loss and exciting current. The primary and secondary windings are closely linked magnetically. Therefore the leakage fluxes and reactance are negligible.
  • A toroidal transformer has its winding spread over the entire periphery of the core. This results in a larger area for dissipating the heat.
  • Till recently all such small low voltage type transformers needs were met almost universally by traditional or conventional El transformers. Now materials are easily available, so it has been possible to develop 'LOW VOLTAGE TOROIDAL TRANSFORMER' giving a whole set of advantages and wide range of applications in place of conventional transformers.


  • Medical Equipment
  • Microprocessor based units
  • CNC controlled machines
  • Audio / Video products
  • Battery Chargers
  • CRT
  • Motor Control Equipment
  • Telecommunication products
  • Robot Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial Control Equipments
  • Stabilized Power Supplies
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Office machines etc.