Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Skyline is a preeminent manufacturer and supplier of Variac type servo stabilizer that are used basically to provide a constant output voltage with accurate stability. These are suitable for most of the electronics and electrical applications. We understand the fact that voltage fluctuation may result into damaging of electric appliances or device. In addition, it may also affect the productivity.

But, the range of servo stabilizers offered by Skyline protects all the equipments and also ensures a continuous and smooth production. These stabilizers are equipped with advanced digital micro processors that have been designed to provide constant output voltage. Long life, better regulation, compact size, advanced design and high performance are some of the key features for which these stabilizers have been highly appreciated by our domestic and international clients.


S.No Particulars Details
A Standard Features
1 Product Name Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer
IS 9815 : Part 1 : 1994 | Reaffirmed : 2014
2 AutoCAD Drawing Provided after acceptance of order
3 Capacity 5 kVA to 3000 KVA
3 Winding Material Pure Electrolyte Copper Super Enamel/Glass Coated /DCC, Wire/Strip
5 Oil Quantity as per capacity
6 Max Current (Per Phase) as per capacity
7 No Load Losses Less than 1.5 %
8 On Load Losses Less than 2.5 %
9 Max Current (Per Phase) as per capacity
10 Type of Cooling 1 KVA to 15 KVA (Air Cooled/Oil Cooled) & 25KVA -3000 KVA (Oil cooled)
11 No. of Phases Three Phases, 4 Wire
12 Rated Frequency 50 Hz.
13 Load Type Suitable for Unbalanced Voltage and Unbalanced Load
14 Winding Copper Wound (Dimmer & Transformers)
15 Input Voltage Range 3Ø :200V-480V, 270V-480V,300V-480V, 340V - 480V, 360V-480V
16 Output Voltage 3Ø : 415V ±1 % (adjustable)
17 Response Time <10 msec
18 Efficiency More than 95%
19 Rate of Correction (Phase & Neutral) More than 8V/Sec in Single Phase 12V/sec in Three Phase
20 Wave Form Distortion Nil
21 Environment/Installation Type Indoor Type (IP 32) / Outdoor Type (IP 55 with CPRI Certifcation)
22 Duty Cycle 24*7 Continous
23 Control Auto / Manual
B Protections/Indications
1 Trip / MCCB Overload & Short Circuit Protection
High/Low Voltage Cut Off
Single Phase Sequence Change Protection
Single Phase Prevention System
Over Temperature Cut Off (Optional)
2 Spike & Surge Protection Spike & Surge Protection (Type - II) (Optional)
3 By Pass Arrangement By Pass Arrangement (for in case of Emergency)
4 Indicator  Input/Output Voltage (Per Phase)
Output Current (Per Phase)
5 Fittings Four Plain Rollers
Two Earthing Terminals
Four Lifting Hooks
Oil filling hole with cap
oil level indicator
C Salient Features
1 Motor Variable Speed High Torque, AC servo Motor with proportional control
2 DG Compatible Special sensing circuit to maintain output voltage
3 Auto / Manual Control Facility on Front Control Plate in unlikely events.
4 Construction  Rugged construction with caster wheels for easy movement.
5 Transformer and Variac Wound with Electrolyte grade Copper of 99% purity, low loss CRGO Sheets
6 Earthing Suitable Earthing Terminal to be provided