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Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers

  1. Digital Microprocessor Controlar.
  2. Output A.C Voltage correction for wide input variations
  3. 1% regulationM
  4. No output waveform distortion
  5. Fast correction of output voltage: 20V/sec.
  6. Output self adjustable for a range of ±5%
  7. Auto/manual operation facility
  8. Under-voltage and over-voltage cut-out arrangement
  9. Voltmeter with facility to read input or output voltage
  10. High efficiency
  11. Compact and modular construction for ease in servicing
  12. M.C.B. on input circuit


Optional Features


Skyline servo voltage stabilizer essentially employs a solid circuit which controls the servo motor. The motor is mechanically coupled to the arm of a continuously variable auto transformer which feeds the primary of a series control buck-boost transformer. The stabilizer output voltage is compared with reference voltage and the resultant error signal control the servo motor providing a true proportional control system rather than on/off circuits.


  Single Phase   Three Phase
  Input Range   175 to 260 VAC*   305 to 450 VAC
  Output Voltage   230 VAC   400 VAC
  Output Voltage Adjustments   220 to 240 VAC   380 to 415 VAC Ph to Ph
  Supply Frequency   47 to 53 Hz   47 to 53 Hz
  Load & Line Regulation   1%   1%
  Waveform Distortion   Nil   Nil
  Effect of Load Power Factor   None   None
  Ambient Temperature   0 To 45ºC   0 to 45ºC
  Environment   Designed for continuous indoor use
  Correction Speed   20V/sec   20V/sec. Ph to Neu
  Output Rating (KVA)   1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 7.5; 10 & 15   6; 9; 12; 15; 22.5; 30 & 45
  *Also special models with wider input range of 130 to 270 VAC in 1; 2; 3 & 5 KVA
  Since product innovation is a continuous process at Hipo sales, specifications are subject to
  change without notice.

Auto Variable Transformer 2 to 28 AMP.

Skyline continuously variable –ratio auto transformer, is a major improvement over tapped auto transformer where voltages other than the line voltage are required. In laboratory experiments, they have become indispensable because by just rotating a knob any voltage from zero to 270 volts is available at their output terminals. The beakless and staples variation of the voltage enables the user to easily control the power input and related parameters.

Auto Variable Transformer 40/50/60 AMPS 3 Ph. OIL-Cooled

40 amps model has no external cooling tubes. The side drawing shows it with front side of tank cut away to show the internal construction, hand wheel drive . 50 AMPS model shown above has cooling tubes on two side only. The above drawing shows side view for a model with motor drive. The box on right top side is for terminals. 60 AMPS model has cooling tubes on all four sides the above drawing shows front view, for a hand drive model.

Auto Variable Transformer 75/100 AMPS 3 PH. Oil Cooled

75 Amps model has one row of cooling tubes on all the sides. To shows the internal construction the front side of the tank is cut away as per drawing for model with motor drive. 100 AMPS model has two rows of cooling tubes on all sides terminals are housed in the box at the top as shown as in the side drawing for hand driven model.

Auto Variable Transformer 150/ 200 AMPS 3 PH. OIL Cooled

150 AMPS model has two cores connected in parallel per phase through balancing reactors. It has two rows of cooling tubes on all the sides. The side drawing shows a motor driven model with the front side of the tanks cut away to shows the internal construction. 200 AMPS model is similar to 150 AMPS but with three rows of cooling tubes.

Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal Transformer offers many advantages over a conventional Laminated Transformer. Toroidal has a round shape with no air gaps, and with the primary and secondary windings uniformly distributed around the core, “locks in" the magnetic field and makes the Toroidal Transformer very quiet and efficient. Toroidal Transformers, by meeting today's requirements for smaller, more efficient, quieter, and safer products, are being accepted in an increasing range of electronic and electrical equipment. With Toroidal Transformer’s smaller dimensions, lighter weight, and low stray magnetic fields, you can build more compact, lower cost quality products without sacrificing performance.


We manufacture toroidal cores from very best CRGO steel from 1kgs to 50kgs per piece. Our core has very high maximum flux density, low core losses and high permeability. As per customer requirement, variety of sizes and grades of materials are available.

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